Codecasa Yachts

Codecasa began to build boats in 1825. Today, nearly two centuries later, it is the longest running family-owned superyacht builder in Italy. The shipyard is located in Viareggio and mostly constructs steel and aluminum yachts with lengths from 30 to 70 meters. In 1987, Codecasa established a second yard called Codecasa Tre (meaning three. Due, two, is the name of the converted first yard), and in 2011, Codecasa opened a third yard in Pisa.

Throughout its history, the builder constructed a wide variety of boats including sailing boats, fishing vessels and military vessels. In 1973, Fulvio Codecasa took helm of the company and began producing luxury yachts. To this day, Fulvio Codecasa is the company’s head. Codecasa received numerous awards throughout the years, in a wide array of categories. The “S” open motor yacht series and the “Vintage” series are the two central products that make Codecasa a company that creates loyal customers who continuously wish that their new yacht be a Codecasa. The company’s versatility and commitment to the creation of true “Custom”, one-of-a-kind masterpieces can be clearly seen in a simple comparison. The following are two, 65 meter Codecasa superyachts from 2010. Both yachts were built by Codecasa and both the naval architecture and the exterior were designed by the company.

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Codecasa / 2003/ 50m

M/Y Mariu

From €185,000 p/w