Dynamiq is a young superyacht builder from Monaco, with a shipyard in Italy. the company was established by Sergei Dobroserdov, which is also the CEO of Dynamiq yacht. Dynamiq exclusively builds aluminum yachts up to 165 ft in length. One of the models, the 115 ft. GTT 115 (GTT stands for Gran Turismo Transatlantic) is designed by Studio Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Another model, the 39-meter yacht, involves a collaboration with the famous Italian fashion brand Trussardi, who is responsible for the interior design of the yacht. The brand places emphasis on range and economy, with 3000 nautical miles (NM) for the 115 ft. model and 4000 NM for the larger 165 footers. The hybrid engines provide two substantial advantages; fuel efficiency and reduction of noise.

Dynamiq allows the customer to be fully involved in the design of their future yacht and the website even has a “build your own” section where one can use the online configurator to alter both the exterior and interior of the yacht.

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Dynamiq / 2017 / 35m

GTT 115 Hybrid

€ 12,500,000

Dynamiq / 2017 / 38.6M

Jettseter 2017

€ 10,900,000