Moonen Yachts

Moonen Yachts was established in 1963 in the Dutch town of Den Bosch. In 2008, the directors of the company understood that the quality and reputation are also translated into an increase in demand for more, larger Moonen yachts and that the original facility in Den Bosch cannot support this demand. Moonen opened a second yard in Groot-Ammers where vessels up to 150 ft. can be produced. The original yard continues to be responsible for the design and engineering of the entire Moonen line, as well as the production of smaller, up to 115 ft. yachts.

Moonen Yachts is a unique company from two central aspects. Like many other shipbuilders, it places emphasis on quality, details, outstanding materials and technologies. But Moonen also adds and places much emphasis on two P’s. Price and People. This is the only shipyard that sees “competitive pricing” as a reason to purchase a Moonen mega yacht, and in their top ten reasons, this appears second, only after their promise to supply the customer with an outstanding vessel. The second aspect is the employees at Moonen, and these are indeed experts that work, uncompromisingly, to create cruising works of art. When yacht connoisseurs all over the world see a “Moonen”, they know that they are looking at a “Moonen”.

The shipyard now produces several lines. It’s “classic” line includes motor yachts from 72 ft. to the 129 ft. fast displacement aluminum yacht. The Caribbean line has four different models, the Explore line has five different models from 83 ft. to 148 ft., and the custom line includes the catchy phrase “We start all our custom builds with a blank page”.

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Moonen/ 2018 / 36.3m



Moonen/ 2016 / 29.8m