About us

The Boat Division is a unique boutique superyacht brokerage agency. It was established by Oren Katz and Reli Ziedner who have been working in high end real estate for two decades. Katz a yacht captain, is one of Israel’s leading experts in the field, and has extensive knowledgeable in the field of superyachts.

The Boat Division was launched to fulfill a large and growing demand by our customers; the need to find the optimal Superyacht to purchase, while removing all the stressful elements and unknowns that are associated with such a significant investment of funds and commitment. The Boat Division offers a truly unique service that is based around trust, providing expert advice and a range of support throughout all stages of buying or chartering a superyacht. Our professional approach allows us to focus on creating the very best results for all of our customers. With our experience and access to all available yachts, worldwide, we aim and are able to exceed the goals and expectations. We invest significant efforts to locate and acquire the dream yacht for our customers.  Customers who wish to charter a unique vessel for an unforgettable vacation receive extensive support during the process and we ensure that all the right decisions for them are made, down to the minute details of the sailing itinerary and extras on board.

The relationship with our customers is based on trust, which we have attained through strict adherence to our values. Our core values include Transparency, Integrity and Loyalty.

Transparency: To be trusted, we show, clearly and fully, the actions that are conducted by our professionals, to reach the desired goals for our customers.

Integrity: To be trusted, we exhibit honesty and openness at all times. We establish a personal relationship with our customers, and we ensure a harmonious management of thisrelationship.

Loyalty: This is the essence of our relationship with our customers. We are dedicated to the success of the project, be it buying or chartering a super yacht, and with our personal touch, patience, understanding, and above all, attention to all details, we ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

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