Charter guide

Chartering a superyacht or sailing yacht is the ultimate vacation experience allowing you to combine nature, culture, exploration and adventure. The following provides a brief guide to yacht chartering and explores the main elements to consider when selecting the superyacht for your vacation with your family and friends.

Where do you wish to go?
Superyachts have no geographical limits and they can sail the entire globe. However, they normally don’t and often have specific sailing areas, based on the needs and wishes of their owners. Many superyachts are available for charter, when not in use by their owners. Chartering one of these beautiful superyachts is the experience of a lifetime creating unforgettable memories. The first thing one has to decide upon is the location of your vacation.
There is an endless number of astonishingly beautiful locations one can charter a yacht in.

The following is the general geographic subdivision:

• The East Mediterranean
• The Western Mediterranean
• Northern Europe and the Baltic sea
• The Atlantic
• The Bahamas and The Caribbean
• North America – East and West coasts
• Central America
• South America
• Antarctica
• The South Pacific
• South East Asia

Many books have been written on each of the above destinations, with respect to vacationing; what places to see, where to eat, and what special events happen all year round. Many sources are also available specifically for sailing vacations.

When is your vacation planned?
This is the second question and it is tightly connected to the answer provided to the “Where” question. The high seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres are reversed. In the Mediterranean, the high season is generally from June to September. Although somewhere around the world, it’s yacht charter season, high season not only means better weather, it also often means that you will have endless entertainment and culinary options when exploring the shore. In the Greek Islands, for example, life “stops” during the winter and this phenomenon is true for many destinations. The Caribbean, for example, has a “hurricane season” (officially from June to the end of November) and being there on a yacht is not advisable. If the interest is on whale watching or general wildlife watching in Alaska, the yacht charter needs to take place in the summer. On the other hand, if the aim is to explore Antarctica, the best times of the year are February and March.

What yacht will you charter?
Following a decision with respect to the above two central questions, “where” and “when”, one can begin with the exciting search for the perfect yacht that fits your needs and qualifies to your “where” and “when” criteria.
The issues to consider here are: Sailing or Motor? This is always the first issue to consider, and with respect to vacations, it simply has to do with how important is the “quiet” factor. If the vacation that is planned falls into the category of “no hurry” or if the added value of total serenity when using the wind as the force for propulsion is high, then sailboat is the answer. If the terms “speed” and “adrenalin” are included in the description of your dream vacation, then aim for a motorboat.


The budget?
This is the second parameter to consider, and this parameter is very flexible. There are numerous mega yachts that are available for charter starting at the 20K euro, but some of the more extravagant mega yachts that are available for charter have rates of over 1M euro per week.

The size of your party?

This parameter is “fixed” and will determine what yachts are to be excluded from your search. All charter websites clearly provide the maximum number of guests that each of the yachts for charter, can accommodate. Many of the large yachts can accommodate up to approximately a dozen guests in 6-8 cabins, with crews numbering from 15 to 30 or more.

What do you plan to do?
This question refers to two elements. What do you plan to do onboard? and What do you plan to go ashore?
Onboard. The considerations here are numerous. Most mega-yachts are equipped with a wide array amenities and toys. Almost all mega yachts for charter will have Jacuzzis, gyms, tenders, kayaks, scuba equipment, etc. in some of the Giga/ Megayachts, you will also have pools, cinemas, beach clubs, submarines and of course helipads. Ashore. Absolute Freedom! Being on a superyacht for a week, or two, or more, allows you unlimited access to the geographical area that you are exploring. Such access is very often unavailable to all other “vacationers”. This “limitless” factor may involve visiting places that few have visited, including the most remote unspoiled islands on earth. Or seeing wildlife that few have seen, in the Maldives, Belize, Baja California, Alaska or Antarctica. Or alternatively, just anchoring at the Cannes Marina (located in the town of Mandelieu-La-Napoule) during the Cannes Film Festival, that takes place each May.

The crew
The large charter yachts have crews of several dozen professionals. These are the people who are responsible to “produce” your perfect vacation and they do this in the most intimate “enclosed” environment – a yacht. So the term “personalized service” is relevant for every element of the charter period, which is usually at least 7 days long. The crew members, headed by the captain, are the ones responsible to pamper you and ensure that everything is absolutely impeccable; from the level of your cabin, through the culinary experience that is provided on board, to the types of the destinations you visit and the quality of your transport to these destinations. some of the superyachts for charter hire famous chefs, have extensive wine cellars and provide a culinary ambience that rival the experience one gets at a Michelin star restaurant. In addition to the mandatory crew for each yacht (the captain, the engineers, deckhands, cuisine personnel and stewards), some yachts have (sometimes many additional) dedicated professionals. Such professionals can include a masseuse, a scuba diving instructor, a helicopter pilot, a gym instructor, etc.


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